Taylor's InnoFest 2019  

Where Technology meets Design and Business                                                                         

25 - 27 November 2019 

The Grand Hall

Taylor's University


About Taylor's InnoFest

Taylor's InnoFest is an innovation festival during the last week of semester showcasing projects undertaken by undergraduate students in the university throughout the semester. This event aspires to promote the spirit and culture of creativity and innovation throughout the university showcasing students works that provoke discussion, stimulate ideas and collaboration. Projects with potential for spin-off are also identified during the festival and these project teams be coached and given an opportunity to pitch to investors.

Taylor's InnoFest in Nov 2019 will feature project exhibitions by students from 7 schools, a conference and a workshop. Schools exhibiting undergraduate student projects in this event are the School of Engineering, Taylor's Business School, School of Computing & IT, Taylor's Design School, School of Bioscience, School of Food & Gastronomy and the School of Media & Communication. Final year engineering students will also be presenting their project at the International Engineering Research Conference (EURECA).

About the tagline and logo

Everything around us, other than nature, are designed. Meaning, they all have to go through a process upon which various elements are integrated and packaged in a manner that makes it useful. What make some more useful and desirable than others, we believe, is capture in the BUT model. A desirable product/solution is one where the technology needed to implement it is available, there is business for it and the usage model of the product/solution has been well considered i.e., it has been well designed. The tagline "where technology meets design and business" captured the essence of the BUT model and of our aspiration for our students work to embody this philosophy. It is also captured in the logo for this event with the 3 swirls, one representing each discipline in the BUT model, meeting in the middle.


Taylor's InnoFest 2019

Where technology meets design and business

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