Art & Soul

For our final live event, we chose to host an event called Art & Soul. This event comprised of three different workshops; the first one was a bath bomb followed by crocheting and lastly oil painting. Also as part of Art & Soul, we held an artsy makeup competition through Facebook Live. For the competition, only the top 10 shortlisted participants with the most votes were included.

workshop 2.png
workshop 3.png
workshop 1.png

Art & Soul was a virtual event held both on Zoom and Facebook Live. The purpose of the event was to create a platform for local artists to showcase their amazing talent through the workshops and for participants to learn and have fun simultaneously. One of the most unique aspects of our workshops was that, once a participant is registered, they were sent a goodie box that contained all the materials they would need for their respective workshops. For our competition, before the day of the event, participants were required to share a video and picture of their makeup skills based on our theme: ART. Next, our team posted all the registered participants work on Instagram for the public to vote for the top 10 who were then shortlisted with the highest number of votes. To determine the winner of the competition, the participants were judged based on their creativity and the meaning or story behind each look depending on
the question by judges. The marks entirely came from two judges who assessed and gave marks during the Livestream on the event day. The top 3 participants with the highest score won this competition. Overall the event was a great success, all the registered participants were present for the workshops and learnt something new and fun from our hosts. As for the competition, there was a high number of viewers from our Facebook Live. We also had our Head of School Dr Joaquim in our event as a speaker. While the judges were deliberating the winners, we engaged with the audience to play a Trivia Kahoot quiz where winners received special voucher prizes from sponsors MKLZ Collection and Cocodry.