Boutique Hotel


The purpose of this project is to develop a winning innovative business proposal for the chosen site as a prospect for the future. Students are required to re-develop the parking lot area at the Commercial Block, Taylor’s Lakeside Campus into a 3-4 stars boutique hotel. The proposal includes the hotel building and interior design, business feasibility study, branding, marketing strategies and cost estimation for the hotel project. This project is a Multidisciplinary Learning Experience (MLE) initiative that involves student’s creative ideation from different disciplines with different expertise.

About the Project

The winning project proposal goal is to re-introduce the nature into this heavily industrialized world. The concept of the hotel is “eco-friendly” boutique hotel. It aims to provide a relaxing, healthy, and unique experience for the guests. The hotel environment is set to provide warm and engaging services to all the guests to feel loved and appreciated under the hotel’s care that exceeds their expectation.  This hotel also aims to create a nature in space, to promote tranquility and health wellbeing among the guests. Through a well-defined strategy, this hotel will have the opportunity to maintain the business and optimize its profitability in the long run.


This project is a collaboration between Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events, School of Architecture, Building and Design and The Design School. We would like to thank the lecturers involved for their dedication in providing supports and guidance to ensure successful project completion within timeline.


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Team Members


               Intan Rusady                  

                Stevanie Dharmawan                  

Stevanny Ferdianto Heuw 


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