Clinic Management System

The project title is called “Amar Clinic”. It is a clinic management system that provides all the needs for a clinic system to be able to assist on almost all the daily business activities for the clinic. We believe that most of the clinic has their own clinic management system. Then, we were thinking of what if we could develop a system with additional features rather than those traditional features where traditional system mostly comes with similar functions like registration, prescription and transaction. Therefore, the idea of this project is developing an improvisation of Clinic Management System that contains the core features of registration, prescription and transaction but adding more functionalities that could lighten the workload of the daily business tasks. We were able to identify all the common features from an experience doctor, Dr Amar who runs multiple clinics in different areas. The idea was to get all the problems that he faced on his current clinic system and what functions that he thinks that can be added. The idea is to create a new clinic management system will a better cleaner interface and experience along with those core functions. As for the additional functions are such as payment options, attendance, synchronization data and pop-up alerts for drug expiration and etc. In short, the Amar Clinic system provides all the functionalities needed for a clinic management system and extra features implemented to solve the problems addresses from Dr Amar.



 Chew Ii Tung   
Pang Han Liang   
See Kwai Sheng   
Calvin Goh Kai Jun 

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