Rausha Aminath

Katarina Indira

Felicia Isabell

Project Portfolio


Our daily routine has changed almost completely due to the pandemic, and it would be easier for adults to adapt to the current situation. However, Children might get overwhelmed and are often unable to handle all the information about COVID-19. Therefore, we aim to create new ways to educate children by generating awareness about COVID-19 and promote the new normal.


NEW: The pandemic has drafstically changed our lives, and as adults we are able to adapt and understand the change while children are often overwhelmed with the amount of information and changes. Kidiact aims to educate children through fun and interactive design solutions catered to them while promoting the new normal.

Project Description

As we have come to know, the Covid-19 pandemic has and continues to transpire as an agent of catastrophe all around the world. With the unprecedented situation still at hand, it remains our moral obligation as creatives to design and innovate towards response and recovery efforts.

Project Brief             

Preparation for New Normal by United Nation (UN), with the approach of “Call Out to    Creatives”

Key Message             

Personal Hygiene


Target audience       

Age between 6-12



Hygiene protocols to keep in mind, spreading awareness of symptoms and encouraging, donating to fight the spread of Corona.


Website Design, Branding, Illustration, Packaging Design

  1. Kidiact Online Platform (Interactive Website Design)

  • Hygiene Trivia Game: True or False, Trivia Questions, Fill in the blanks

  • COVID-19 Symptoms using Character Gifs


  1. Covid Awareness Kit (Branding, Illustrations, Packaging Design)

  • Backpack with Covid Kit inside that consist of: 1) Hand Sanitizer 2) Mask 3) Coloring Pages 4) Brochure

  • Objectives:  As a Starter Kit use instructions, Membership, CTA to visit website by scan QR code.