Care Shelter


Fundraising Bazaar is an event proposed to be held biannually to help gain revenue for the Care Shelter Kuala Lumpur and to secure financial and service sponsors. The objective of this project is to plan and organize a fundraising bazaar by collaborating with external business and vendors as well as selling goods made by the homeless folks. 

About the Project

The project proposes to hold a biannually physical bazaar at renown locations to help spread the information about the Care Shelter Project, as well as a year round online bazaar that will be managed through website platform and marketed through social media. The physical bazaar will be held during June and December which are the holiday season in hopes of obtaining a larger crowd. The project will also aim at securing funds and sponsorship while providing job opportunities for the necessary beneficiaries. The bazaar will be a combination of external parties along with the the sales of home made items by the homeless people. Which will not only bring value but also increase their skills. 


colour scheme of bazaar.png
virtual bazaar.png


Team Members

Khoo Ying Ying 

Mok Khye Zen 

Peng Kui Yuan 

Sim Jia Sheng

Toh Jih Wen 

Wong Min Yuk


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