Facial Recognition Hotel Ecosystem


Our project ‘facial recognition hotel ecosystem’ is proposed in which AI technology is adopted to provide hotel guests a safe and efficient service. In light of the current pandemic and the emerging hospitality trends, digitalization and innovation within the hotels are highly crucial to sustain resilience.  

About the Project

The proposed project incorporates the FR technology for check-in and other areas of the hotel to create an ecosystem that could be the solution for faster check-in, security and safety, and optimising hotel expenses. Our original hotel app, kiosks and an automatic sanitizing machine are 3 main products to offer new check-in experiences. Our original app is needed upon check-in and it is design to enhance guest experience, hence, their satisfaction. Functions of our app are booking our rooms upon arrival, registering personal information, booking facilities, hotel map, view the bill and list of contact numbers for free calls. In addition, functions of kiosks are scanning identification cards, registering guests’ faces with Facial Recognition technology, body temperature checking and verifying guests’ bookings by QR code. An automatic sanitizing machine can contribute to higher hygiene and will be able to let guests feel secure when it comes to infection. Combination of these 3 products will be able to decrease the number of physical contacts between guests and hotel staff and the fare of infection, thus it leads to higher guests satisfaction.


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Team Members

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