MyMasjid is an Android mobile application that aims to assist Malaysian Muslims in their daily lives by providing clear lines of communications with their congregation while also providing them tools to conduct a proper Muslim life. 
MyMasjid includes the following tools to enrich the lives of our fellow Malaysian Muslims: 

  • Qur’an Verse of the Day – Receive verses from the Holy Qur’an daily to help guide us through the righteous path

  • Qiblat Compass – Get your bearings with the Qiblat compass during prayers where ever you are

  • Masjid Finder – Never get lost again while trying to find a place for prayers with the Masjid Finder

  • Congregation News Feed – Gain information from you favourite congregation quick through the news feed

  • Questions and Answers – Ask your favourite congregation questions and receive answers from your congregation leaders

  • Prayer Time Schedule – Never be late for your prayers ever again with the Prayer Time Schedule 




 Abil Ash

 Leaw Hong Meng 

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