i-RSV robot, is a multi-functional robot which can ease the burden of housekeeper in hotel industry. At the same time, it brings the reputation and economic benefits to the hotel. The name is a combination of “i” for robot, “R” for Refresh, “S” for Sanitize, and “V” for Vacuum.

About the Project

The i-RSV robot is a smart appliance, multi-functional housekeeping robot integrating ground cleaning, dust removal and air purification and disinfection functions. The built-in lidar of the i-RSV robot has the ability to scan the room layout and furnishings efficiently. This will effectively ensure that the furniture and guests’ private belongings are not accidentally destroyed by robots at work. The operators of the i-RSV robot can monitor the working status through the touch screen to ensure the robots working efficiently in different guest rooms, managers can write different housekeeping programs to meet actual needs.


The greatest value of this product is high efficiency and intelligence, which can reduce hotel labor costs and occupational hazard. In addition, i-RSV robots represent some of the most effective hospitality technologies that will help increase occupancy rates and ensure higher guest satisfaction. 


This project is a collaboration between Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events and Taylor’s Me.Reka Makerspace. We would like to thank Taylor’s Me.Reka team for their dedication in providing supports and guidance to ensure successful project completion within timeline. 


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