Vegetarian Meal for Primary School Children using Green Pea Flour as Main Ingredient

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Product Description

Everyone must have eaten pasta. But what about Starco? Starco is an elevated vegetarian bolognese pasta specially designed for primary school children aged between 7 and 12 years to enhance the daily fibre and protein intake. The product consists of 3 different component: penne pasta made from high fiber green pea flour with soft yet chewy texture which is more preferred by children; vegetarian bolognese sauce filled with a hearty mixture of blended vegetables, mushrooms and aromatic herbs which has high vitamin C content; oven-baked taco bowl that is preferred by children due to its crunchy texture. This wholesome meal will surely change the perception of primary school children towards the boring and bland vegetarian meal, while appreciating the high fibre and protein contents in this new yet familiar tasting vegetarian bolognese pasta. The ease of preparing this meal also brings convenience to canteen operators and parents who wish to feed children with delicious yet high nutrition meals. 


In recent years, consumer preferences toward vegetarian products have been steadily increasing. However there are also misconceptions about vegetarian meals, such as vegetarian meals can’t provide sufficient nutrients required for growth. Additionally, as we all know, most children do not like to consume vegetables.They often simply pick out any visible vegetables they dislike, which is one of the most common difficulties faced by parents. Hence the objective of this study is to develop a nutritious vegetarian meal for primary school children with the utilisation of green pea flour as the main ingredient. Also with the ultimate aim that kids will like it in terms of flavour and texture. According to market research, children crave for western cuisine in school canteens and pasta with tomato-based sauce is particularly liked by children. Thus, the idea of Starco was born. High protein and fibre content of green pea flour relative to durum wheat has been partially substituted into the pasta formulation which is typically made with 100% of durum wheat, as well as the crunchy taco bowl. Vegetables are concealed by blending vegetables into the sauce which encourages children to consume vegetables at the same time solving parents’ difficulty in feeding children fibre rich food. With the ease of preparation, high nutritional value, up to 14 grams of protein and 9 grams of fibre, the delectable Starco is the perfect meal to be sold and enjoyed in primary schools by children. 



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