Your skin, Your Journey


Puff Studio


W Agency

Nicole Choo
Lim He Yu
Chuah Yi Wen
Woo Yong Qi

About the Project

Our client, Puff Studio is an online skincare reseller that sells foreign skincare brands. The brand was created with the intention to provide skincare solutions to consumers. We were tasked to create a social media campaign that highlights the brand in a personalised manner along with always on content. After many brainstorming sessions, the ultimate question came into view: “How can we build brand affinity with the audience and educate them about the product through Puff Studio's platform?” 


The insight drove us to work out a key proposition for the brand - to strengthen Puff Studio as an online platform to empower consumers to own their journey of skincare discovery through our curated campaign. Thus, the campaign tagline - #yourskinyourjourney was the aha moment of our campaign. 


Our executed deliverables consist of traditional and new media. Ranging from print ads, video commercials, LED displays, e-banners, social media contents and other interesting executions. Our goal was to maximize Puff Studio's platform potential and yield as many benefits to the brand as possible in a total of 7 weeks. 


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