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With the worldwide coronavirus pandemic going on in the world, wearing a mask is considered a new normal. Due to the uncomfortability of wearing a mask, children may avoid it and this in turn makes them more susceptible and exposed to the virus.


A way to tackle this problem is to make things fun enough so that children are motivated to wear a mask. With that said, a DIY mask can be made as children are more likely to wear something that they have created themselves. Along with that, an AR game can be included by detecting a mask on the face so that kids can interact with the game while simultaneously still protecting themselves from the virus. As a result, it encourages children to wear a mask whenever they are out and about.

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Project Description

As we have come to know, the Covid-19 pandemic has and continues to transpire as an agent of catastrophe all around the world. With the unprecedented situation still at hand, it remains our moral obligation as creatives to design and innovate towards response and recovery efforts.


In response to the new normal practiced on a global level, the use of face masks is a standard yet essential practice. However, children may not understand its importance and tend to avoid it which in turn makes them more susceptible and exposed to the virus.


In order to resolve the issue, we created our product, Animaskz. Animaskz is a DIY mask kit, accompanied by an AR filter game that activates upon the use of the face mask. The rationale behind our product is to encourage children to wear a mask whenever they are out and about in a fun and engaging way using an AR game as well as allowing children the creativity to create their own designs through the DIY feature.


Animaskz appeals to children with the use of an AR filter which activates when the mask is detected on the face. The mask-user will have to blink, allowing the in-game character to jump where the aim is to avoid each obstacle appearing as the Coronavirus character. With a fun game included, children will be motivated to wear their mask, thus protecting them from the harmful virus. You can access the game prototype here:


Creativity of the child is also unleashed with the ability to use washable markers when designing the external surface of the mask. As for our material sourcing, we prioritized usability and safety of our target audience. The mask material is a reusable, washable, breathable 3 ply, durable fabric while the markers are non-toxic, washable and safe for children to use. A care card with detailed instructions on how to care for our Animaskz is also included. For the DIY mask the user experience of our target audience was taken into consideration where the design of the DIY aspect needed to encourage independent learning, prioritize safety and remain a fun experience.


Animaskz is packaged in a fun two-tier box with an inclusion of an instruction manual attached to the inside of the box lid. On the top tier, the mask along with the included ear loops are packaged in a translucent packet sealed with a sticker label. The 8 colourful washable markers are found on the bottom tier. The external area of the box features colourful illustrations of the AR game characters, portraying playfulness befitting the child-friendly theme. Mainly, the challenges faced in packaging design included, having an interesting yet user friendly design that is simple enough for children to access.


To conclude, our product, Animaskz, is a great way to encourage children to wear a mask, so that they can protect themselves, whenever and wherever they go. With the digital age on the rise at a rapid rate, incorporating technology to create an interactive AR game shows great potential in appealing to children. After all, children are our future and protecting them should always remain top priority.


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