This project is an application named ‘Sotel’. The name is a combination of the word ‘safety’ and ‘hotel’. The idea to conduct this project came about due to the growing trend of free independent travelers (FIT).

About the Project

Sotel is a mobile application which provides the following functions, GPS system (for travel spots, directions and high risk spots indications, etc), application collaboration with other transportation application (Moovit/ grab) , Blog posts (travel and self protection related), Tourist attraction spots nearby (collaboration with Trip Advisor), Chat Box function, Emergency number lists, and the main USP, the Emergency Button Feature that allows users to quickly contact the local safety department. 


Our project goals and objectives is to help solo travelers travel safely, reduce crime rates against tourists, enable solo travelers to feel confident to travel to third-world countries or countries with higher crime rates, increase tourism in Malaysia, and give Malaysia a reputation as a safe tourism destination.


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Team Members

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