E-Commerce Website Platform Builder Software 

This project revolves aims to develop a e-commerce website platform builder software focused on helping people creating their own e-commerce website. The software enables users to customize their website and manage their sales through the application without any experience in web development. 
This project primarily focused on business owners that originally could not open their shop because of covid-19 restrictions, encouraging them to opt for online businesses. However, not all people can make their own e-commerce website, let alone the high cost of making it. Hence, our project exists to help those people set up their own low-cost e-commerce website efficiently, enabling them to manage their online shop easily without any expert knowledge needed.  
This software helps people to customize their own website, add their selling products into their website and manage the sales of their product through the software by seeing their monthly report sales, adding or removing their product to their website, and checking on what product has been ordered by customers. Therefore, our software assists people to have their own e-commerce website while managing the platform on their own.



David Wunarsa  

Cherkizov Artyom

Huo Shanlong

 Liu Zhupen

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