The V-indow concept is to provide a hotel room with a virtual scenery, especially for rooms that does not have a window or sufficient light. We believe this concept will continue to rise because the number of hotels is increasing every year in Malaysia mostly in the cities. Thanks to the high-resolution image that works on LCD lighting, that gives the closest result to a real window.

About the Project

Our V-indow LCD screen is equipped with multiple features such as outdoor virtual scenery, hotel promotions, Internet, and streaming entertainment services. V-indow is a 70-inch Smart TV that supports 4K screen quality with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B — 4 GB RAM, packaged with a Smart Remote, Bluetooth dongle, Microphone dongle, Cooling fan and Micro SD Card. It is a user-friendly electronic device that promotes healthy guest experience and satisfaction. V-indow suitable for hotels in the center of the city so it can offer virtual nature scenery in crowded environments like skyscrapers, heavy traffic, and populated cities. V-indow can bring relaxation and a peaceful experience for hotel guests. Thus, this product will be offered at a very low price that suits the affordability of even a budget hotel. 


This project is a collaboration between Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events and Taylor’s Me.Reka Makerspace. We would like to thank Taylor’s Me.Reka team for their dedication in providing supports and guidance to ensure successful project completion within timeline.


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