Community Waterbank and Visitor Center


About the Project

The disruption of water has been affecting a majority of both urban and suburban areas especially Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, and one of the main districts that have consistently been affected is the Hulu Langat district. As the development of Hulu Langat has increased throughout the years, water disruptions have been constantly occurring and the supply of water have been insufficient to a large number of household in the district. 

“In a context of climate change and rapid urbanization, the design community should consider to reengage and embrace urban water challenges as a design opportunity” - Muller (2018) 

By focusing on the subject of how could an architectural project benefit in providing a small local community, would the utilization and implementation of water especially through architecture be much of an opportunity? If so, how could responsive architecture bring fourth the issue of water management towards the public via both mechanism and space as an educational platform?