Elderly Life Enrichment Campus (ELEC)


About the Project

The typology of schools is one of few exceptional architectures in which individuals first develop the idea of identity and sense of belonging. This is likely due to experiencing the idea of ‘community’ around strangers at a young age and left a strong impression on character development. But the public appears to stereotypically label schools as juvenile facilities; a building which older adults should have grown over it.


The author’s design thesis would like to challenge this outdated ideology of labeling ‘aging’ as a mounting condition of decline, and start suggesting a counter-narrative around the forms of age inclusive practice. This is a proposed campus project that enables the elderly to reignite the same ecstatic experience of learning new things, meeting new friends, and gaining new experience. An Elderly Life Enrichment Campus – a humanistic and motivating community haven for which any elderly could look forward to every day.


Student Profile

JSern Phua Portrait.jpg

J-Sern Phua

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