Heart of the Sea

With more than half of the Earth’s coral reefs being lost worldwide, Heart of the Sea, in collaboration with TOMS, aspires to be a conservation campaign that involves and inspires people in rejuvenating oceanic parts of our planet.

Coral reef degradation is one of the planet’s most threatening environmental crises being faced not only by ecological communities associated with corals directly, but also society as an entirety. These fragile ecosystems aid the wellbeing and livelihoods of people across the globe and support 25% of all marine life. Although there is significant improvement in coral reef regeneration in the present, it is still a slow progress and they are mainly due to negative factors such as continuous pollution, overfishing, careless tourism and global warming.

To help restore reefs with utmost progression, Heart of the Sea aspires to be a conservation campaign that aims to involve and inspire people in improving the oceanic environment’s outcomes. Possible accomplishments could be made by raising funds for on-going NGO projects to speed up conservation efforts, providing simple conservation strategies for people to incorporate into their daily routine, and building a community that would help continue to do their part and encourage others. With hopes to meet these objectives effectively, this campaign strives to raise awareness and educate a wider audience about the cause through an international cross-brand collaboration with TOMS — a notable lifestyle brand recognised worldwide that has achieved vast numbers of successful environmental and humanitarian projects.

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