The Tarot Terer

This is a fully illustrated Malaysian-inspired tarot card deck for all occult lovers and card collectors. Every detail has been carefully crafted to represent different aspects of the Malaysian experience. From historical figures and legendary princesses to teh tarik and Perodua Myvi, it encompasses everything under our hot, hot sun.

This project came about from my interest in astrology and occult related things. One day, a close friend of mine read my fortune with tarot cards, but what piqued my interest more than the accuracy of her reading, was the beautiful art on the cards. I started to look up the meaning behind the symbolism in the illustrations and decided I wanted to design my own one someday.

When I started sketching and illustrating for Tarot Terer, the main challenge was I had to first brush up on not just my knowledge on Malaysian history but also mythology, legends and pop culture. Matching every card in a tarot deck to an aspect of Malaysia was a fun challenge that was actually one of the most enjoyable stages of the process.

My main goal in the development of this project was to create the first Malaysian-themed tarot card in the world. Besides that, it was to create illustrations that allowed people to learn about Malaysia through quirky illustrations. How I went about doing that was making sure every card was jam-packed with Malaysian culture references or the aesthetic.

From this project, I learned that there is so much depth and value in Malaysian history and folklore that is just begging to be uncovered and brought to light. I hope that I’ve brought things a little closer to the mainstream throught this tarot card deck.

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