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About the Project

With the mindset of helping individuals to be more aware and expressive of their feelings,  #mentalheART project was carried out with the goal to create a creative approach for mental awareness within the community , to plant a sense of connection within oneself with their emotions , also with each other.


We collaborated with the Malaysia Mental Health Association (MMHA) , resonating with their mission and philosophy which includes creating an atmosphere of acceptance, acknowledgement and understanding towards  mental health issues.


Participants were to create an artwork that reflects their inner mind and emotions and through the creation process, participants were able to be more aware of their own mental health and learn to accept and express their own feelings.


This project was conducted fully online with social media as the promotional platform to encourage individuals from any ways of life to participate. An online gallery was created to showcase all the artworks created by different individuals , inducing the connection between different individuals towards the topic of mental health.


Despite not having a direct approach while carrying out the project , it was still able to be done successfully with the aid of social media and internet applications. Even without a physical meeting or communication ,mental awareness is realized  and feelings can still be transmitted, thus creating an invisible connection.




The Team

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