Impact of Wind Power Plants Participation on Transient Stability of Electrical Power Systems

The ‘Impact of Wind Power Plants Participation on Transient Stability’ will be performed on the IEEE 9-Bus network. A three-phase fault will be carried out to assess the voltage profile, also transient stability will be analyzed by observing the power angle of generators.

Climate change has become a major cause of the environment in the burning of fossil fuels to generate energy. Renewables energies have become a priority to fulfill the energy demand of the world's growing populations. Wind power plants are amongst the one which is widely used in the developing world, but power system stability has been a major concerned towards the technology in which researchers are working on. Voltage and transient stabilities are some of the problems facing the electrical networks integrated with wind power plants. In this research, the IEEE 9-Bus network is considered to evaluate the transient stability and bus voltages. A three-phase balanced fault will be applied to the transmission line which, will be isolated by two three-phase circuit breakers. The fault will have a duration of 83 ms starting from 1 s. Observation will be based on before, during, and after the fault. The fault on transmission line 7-5 is higher than in other locations where a voltage of 0.69 pu on bus 4 is recorded. The bus voltages were found to be unstable and kept oscillating after the fault. An excitation system has been applied to the network synchronous generators to improve the voltage profile. The generator's power angles were observed where two different types of exciters are used. The type AC1A produced the most appropriate result compared to IEEE type 1. The power angle of the generators is constantly oscillating in which it can be said that the network is stable. However, constant oscillations need further improvement. DFIG and SCIG based wind power plant will be adjusted to the network where the power system stability will be evaluated. Also, the high penetration of wind energy will be assessed.

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