Autonomous Helper Robot

The aim of the project is to use CDIO framework to design autonomous helper robot using Arduino. The autonomous robot should be able to pick up an object with a load of 1N and equip with relevant sensors and deliver the object to its designated destination. The autonomous helper robot should be able to avoid any obstacles which it faces when it moves.

Students are only required to demonstrate:

1. The robot design and

2. the Arduino Programming

3. Testing procedures to assess the functionality, reliability, and safety of the artefact.

Based on the theme, the students will describe the area that this robot will be used to help. (Example, one of the groups mentioned that their robot able to help in agriculture sector). As the basic task for the robot, it should be able:

a. To avoid obstacles,

b. To pick up an object of 1 N and unloaded the object.

c. To self-parking.

Engineering Design and Analysis.jpg