Chemical Engineering

Blood mimicking fluid for in-vitro flow visualization and measurement: A Critical Review of Literature

In orders to understands the cardiovascular diseases, research requires flow measurement and visualization technique, in-vitro. The example of in-vitro method to assess blood flow structure is angiography visualization, particle image velocimetry and laser Doppler velocimetry. Blood mimicking fluids is used for replacement of actual human blood.

Effect of pH on the formation of Deep-Eutectic-Solvent-Based Aqueous Two-Phase systems

This project evaluates the effect of pH on the formation of Deep-Eutectic-Solvent-Based Aqueous Two-Phase system and can give insight on the partition behavior of bioactive compounds in these systems thus allowing to infer on the potential application of these system in separation of different bio-molecules.

Life Cycle Analysis for Hibiscus Sabdariffa Powder Manufactured by Freeze Drying for Wastewater Application

This project is focused on the preparation of the Hibiscus sabdariffa as the natural coagulant by using the freeze-drying method and its impact on the environment by performing a life cycle assessment.

Techno-economic Analysis of Biomethanol Production from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)

This project is investigating the techno-economic aspects of a POME to methanol plant. The environmental impact of the plant is also assessed.

Life Cycle Assessment of Various Filtering Media For Greywater Treatment Using Greenwall Filtration System

The research focuses on investigating the treatment performance of using coir pith and perlite as the filtering media in greenwall greywater filtration system. Thereafter, cradle- to-grave life cycle assessment was conducted using GaBi Software to compare the environmental impacts that caused by each phase of using various filtering media.