Design and Analysis of Different Material of Arc Spring used in Dual Mass Flywheel

Dual mass flywheel is a part of the transmission system of an automobile which is used to dampen the vibration that develop due to the power stroke creating minor twist in the crankshaft. Arc springs the main part of the spring-damper system in dual mass flywheel as a torsion damper. The study aims to increase the durability of arc springs utilizing different by analyzing the mechanical resonance using different material and design. The material used for the arc spring in this study are carbon steel, titanium alloy and chromium vanadium steel. As for the design of the springs, there are two types of arc spring layout, which are single arc spring and hard-soft arc spring. Three-dimensional computer-aided design model of a single arc spring and a hard-soft arc spring with different consolidation and material are modelled by using Solidworks 2020. The models are analyzed by using static structural analysis in Ansys Workbench. The mesh type and element mesh sizing are determined based on the orthogonal quality mesh metrics spectrum. The parameters used to determine the fatigue of the arc springs are total deformation, equivalent stress, and safety factor. the boundary condition for one end of the part will be fixed support and the other end of it will be exerted by a force. It is expected that the design of the hard-soft arc spring should have a higher durability compared to the single arc spring. Stress are distributed to suitable parts of the spring at varying torque and the durability of the arc spring increases as the stress are not worked in one single stiffness spring similar to the single arc spring. The vibration will also be more damped in hard-soft arc spring as compared to single arc spring. the analysis of material and design for the arc spring will help to increase the durability of the arc spring, at the same time increase the durability of the dual mass flywheel. A further detail studies related to arc spring of the dual mass flywheel should focus a further range of arc spring designs and layout variations other than the single arc spring and the hard-soft arc spring.