Design of a Planter Box for Agriculture Crop – Corn

The usage of a hydroponic planter box for farming is common in urban farming around the world. The types of vegetables that are usually grown with planter box are small vegetable plants such as lettuce, spinach, strawberry and many more. Food shortage is a main concern in the near future as the food supply chain in the world would not be enough to sustain the growing demand for food driven by increased population and income. Land and water are limited for food production and the uncertainty in weather diminishes the quality and quantity of food. Therefore, the motivation for this research is to allow civilians regardless the income to be able to grow corn in a confined space to feed themselves as corn provides many minerals and avoid being vulnerable to global food security. The purpose of this study is to design a suitable planter box particularly corn plant for balconies in houses and apartments. The suitability of a corn plant to be grown using artificial lighting or sunlight will be determined. The research aims to improve planting corn in a confined space and getting an optimal yield up to 4 corn per plant. The research aims to improve the existing knowledge of the usage of artificial light and sunlight for the growth of corn and the yield. The growth of the plant and corn yield in two different environments will be observed to see which gives a better outcome. A detailed research for a few topics is done such as the comparison between hydroponic system and soil, types of hydroponic system, types of artificial lighting and light intensity, design for planter box, natural sunlight vs artificial light and factors affecting plant growth in hydroponic and soil indoor and outdoor. A design will be done using a 3D software, and the suitability will be check based on its feasibility for all types of balconies sizes and user friendly. The growth of the plant is recorded twice a week using photograph imagining, video time lapse and the height will be recorded. A t-test is used to analyze the data. Optimization will be done at the end of the report. The expected result of the study is to be able to showcase the difference in the growth of the corn plant and the corn yield using artificial lighting and natural sunlight in a hydroponic method and traditional soil.