Design of a Planter Box for Agriculture Crop – Paddy

As adoption for household grown crops increases, satisfaction comes with the ability of growing your own crops and curiosity begins to wonder on the possibility of growing paddy, a household necessity that is mostly common among Asian families, rice. Not much research has been done on growing paddy in a hydroponic system as it is not cost efficient, takes up a lot of space and is very time consuming. A similar research was done in Bogor, Indonesia with the implementation of paddy in a hydroponic system. however, this study was done to analyze the influence of cyanobacteria on the growth of paddy. From this study, it is mentioned that the overall maturation process takes about 11-14 weeks before harvesting. The motivation behind this study comes with my curiosity in growing paddy which is usually grown in huge rice fields and to explore the possibilities of growing it in your own balcony. The purpose of this research is to design a planter box suitable to be grown in every household. Paddy has always been known to be grown in huge areas of rice fields, this research aims to investigate the boundaries that limits the possibility of growing your own paddy. Research will begin by growing 3 badges of paddy seedlings with an estimate maturation time of 2 weeks. Once paddy seedlings are matured, only paddy seedlings with a height measurement of 15-20 cm will be transported into the Hydroponic System. 1 badge will be grown in soil and the remaining 2 badges will be implemented onto the system. PH and EC levels will be monitored daily and height measurement will be taken every 3 days. It is estimated that Paddy Maturation will take about 11-14 Weeks in a hydroponic system and about 25 weeks in soil. From the results obtained, 2 data recordings will be compared, Paddy Yield and Maturation Yield. Harvested paddy will be weight and with the combination of 2 different hydroponic system this study aims to shorten the maturation process of paddy growth. This study aims to sell a working paddy planter box commercially and to identify the possibility of feeding an entire family with homegrown paddy.