Design of a Planter Box for Agriculture Crop-Wheat

As a Mechanical Engineering Student in Taylor’s University, we have to do the final year project which is converted into two semesters. In first semester, manly focus on the research and come out with the final design. As a selected project title is “Design of a Planter Box for Agriculture Crop-Wheat”. As now is week 12, the final design of the planter box has come out with the dimensions of (37 x 12 inches) and 14 inches tall with drainage system, watering system and lighting system. For drainage system, use the plane iron sheet and bend into square box and placed under the planter box to avoid leaking water. The red LED light was choosing as a final decision, as red LED is responsibility to make plants flower and produce fruit. And it is essential to plant’s early stage for seed germination and root growth. For water system, wheat plants only need to water two to three times a dry summer season. Clay loam is the best soil type to grow wheat plant because it moderate water holding capacity. But for my project I will try to plant with normal soil which includes sand, bran and muck. Muck is the best natural fertilizer for crop plants. The planter box fame is made of (1.5 x 1.5) inches L-Beam with the dimensions of (13 x 38) inches and 26 inches depth. For this project, the knowledge from the manufacturing module, CAD 2D module and experiences from internship has applied. For example, making the iron square box using bending machine and cutting the L-beam using grinder. Since week 9, right after the final design has come out, start building the planter box and now it’s almost done. So, started planting wheats seeds with different conditions (balcony, shaded balcony and indoor) using plastic planter boxes with the systems that mention above. Based on the testing results, planting the wheat plants indoor with control artificial light grown faster compare to other 2 conditions. This project is tested in Myanmar, Asia so when this project is successfully done, every country in Asia which has same weather and temperature of 21-24°C can use this method to grow wheat plants.