Investigate Effect of Compatibilizers on Polymer Blend Filament from Post-Used Styrofoam and Polyethylene for Fuse Deposition Modelling

Styrofoam is widely used as packaging materials for furniture or electronic goods and container for food. Generally, the styrofoam is not always being recycled and most of it was sent for landfills Furthermore, the styrofoam is non-biodegradable and the disposal of styrofoam causes many environment issues. This research is proposed to produce recycled polystyrene resin from styrofoam waste and use it as raw material for 3D printer filament. Regarding to previous research, the resulted filament is relatively brittle, and filament is easily break during printing process. Thus, the proposed research is focus on enhancing the ductility of recycled polystyrene filament by blending it with ductile plastic materials, such as polyethylene. This study will also investigate what is the effect of different type and content of compatibilizers on the properties of filament and 3D printed part. The filament produced from polymer blend from post-used Styrofoam and polyethylene will be analysed for mechanical, thermal, morphological and melt flow properties.