Simulation of UVC Disinfection System in Healthcare Settings

During the present Covid-19 pandemic, the development of UVC disinfection systems have been dramatically increased whereas the pandemic has led to global personal protective equipment shortage. More researchers have been shifting towards the interest in UVC disinfection system as a “no-touch” decontamination method. Despite the usage of minor UVC disinfection devices used, little data is available in UVC disinfection in terms of sufficient dosage of UVC exposure to achieve complete disinfection for typical medical healthcare rooms. UVC is a type of light which falls in the electromagnetic spectrum where UVC is contagious and also serve decontamination purposes. Hence, a research to further extent what data is currently available and to further optimize the usage of UVC inducing lamp to achieve full disinfection in typical healthcare settings. The research also aims to further determine the effect of different angle from the plane of UVC source to the irradiation exposed. The research will be carried out with Dialux evo software simulation to illustrate and accurately measure the intensity of UVC intensity exposed to the healthcare rooms with various UVC lamps quantity and arrangement. As the software only calculates and produce results in unit of Lux, conversion factor found based on past studies will be used. However, further analysis on the past data will be taken into further and extensive analysis to determine the relationship between angle of exposure, Lux and UVC irradiation. A new conversion factor may be able to be produced with more detailed factors included. With the latest data retrieved, the implementation towards simulation of typical healthcare settings may differ. Thus, a more accurate measurement, quantity and arrangement of UVC lamps to serve complete disinfection may be determined. As studied through the past data obtained, a significant change of Lux and UVC intensity existed at a shorter distance of exposure with wider angles while slowly diminish as the distance is increase. This proves that angles play a role in the current data used and is to determine the relationship. It is also expected that a most optimum arrangement of UVC lamps will be determine for several typical healthcare rooms using Dialux evo which the software proves itself as a reliable tool in lighting fields.