Modeling and Analysis of AC-DC Converter for More Electric Aircraft Applications using Wide Band-gap Materials

This paper presents a comprehensive research on the effects of wide bandgap materials such as Silicon (Si), Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium nitride (GaN) when they are used as a switch in the AC-DC converter for More Electric Aircraft (MEA) applications. From the simulation and physical experimentations of the 3 wide bandgap materials, both results suggests that the Gallium nitride is the best wide bandgap materials compare to the silicon counterparts. Although Gallium nitride technology is relatively new and is not well developed but the material shows promising results and superior efficiency as high as 99.52% in other similar fields such as electric cars. Moreover, this article also presents comparisons between Vienna rectifier and other commonly used rectifier in MEA. In brief, study had shows that Vienna rectifier is also superior compared to other AC-DC rectifier in terms of power density, efficiency claiming to reach as high as 98% and the most important and low production cost due to its design require small amount of switches compare to other AC-DC rectifiers.