Mechanical Engineering

A study to compare the fouling resistance and self-cleaning properties of two patterned surfaces with an unpatterned control surface.

Bismuth Polymer Composite for Additive Manufacturing of Flexible Radiation Shielding

Chemically Modified Polystyrene Co-loaded with Antimicrobial Agents

Design improvement and fabrication of airbox for passenger vehicle

Design of Compact Grinding Machine

Design of Secondary Condenser for Air Conditioner’s Double Cooling System (DCS)

Design of a Planter Box with Dual Light Source

Development of Shift Patterns for Six-speed Automatic Transmission Vehicle

Dynamic Behaviour Of Water Transport and Power Output Optimization In A Tapered Channel Of A Miniature Parallel Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Design Using CFD Approach

Dynamic behaviour of water transport and power output optimisation in patterned wave channel of a miniature parallel proton exchange membrane fuel cell design using CFD approach.

Effect of Infill Pattern and Lattice Structure on the Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Metal Polylactide Filament

Effect of Tire Hydroplaning on Different Pavement Surface Condition