Design of Compact Grinding Machine

The availability and cost of tools are among concerns to the public and industries as key operation device used either for commercial or maintenance purposes such precision grinders or polishing machines are very expensive. Despite the availability of cheaper grinding tools in the market, there are limitations to it as it may require special skillsets to effectively grind or simply cannot be used on abundant faces and materials due to its design limitations.
These devices pose various challenges of their own such as prolonged usage will result in over exposure to vibration where it can be a threat medically. In conjunction with these challenges, a need for a compact, portable, safe and cost efficient product is undeniable. Taking account of most grinders available in the market, the precision polishing and grinding tool has capabilities that include parallel polishing, angle polishing, site-specific polishing or any combination
thereof which can be reproducible despite the users skillset. Market values of semi-automated precision grinders can go up to RM 15,000 and this is a challenge to home users, university institutions and business start-ups. Therefore, the aim of this study is to develop a design compact grinder that is able to perform precise grinding and polishing while being cost efficient. The functionality, ergonomic values and the design is based on actual market products which are modified to benefit the user. The initial design is performed on SolidWorks based on market standards obtained from data sheets. A prototype is further developed and tested using the metallurgy preparation process. Test parameters include the grind surface finishing of samples using different grits papers and importance of lubricant in grinding process. The project aims to tackle the three pillars of sustainability, which are economic, environment and social issues. Economically, the project design aims to reduce the cost by 80% of present market values where the price of the product should not exceed RM 3,000. Environmentally, the material used are recyclable and reusable. Socially, the project is well desired and suitable for the target market. At the end of the project, an optimized compact grinder system will be shown by the means of a physical prototype where relevant results and data obtained from the testing will be discussed in detail. This design research is expected to produce a tool that can perform high precision grinding and polishing while being portable, safe and cost efficient.