Design of Secondary Condenser for Air Conditioner’s Double Cooling System (DCS)

This project is about designing secondary condenser which only applicable for air cooled condenser. Air cooled condenser is directly depending on the atmospheric temperature which also known as ambient temperature. As Malaysia is a hot weather country, condenser temperature tends to increase. Consequently, increase the power consumption and decrease the cooling capacity which affects the COP of the A/C system. It is known that increasing the surface area of condenser enhances the rate of heat exchange in the condenser. The purpose of this project is to have an optimized design of secondary condenser by achieving the objective of maximizing the coefficient of performance (COP) of air conditioning system. This project is solely done on CAD design and CFD simulation. The approach of this research is evaluating the heat rejected and COP results of the secondary condenser design. This project focuses more on the internal flow of the tube and number of tube row. Moreover, finned tube coil is used for the design. The necessary data obtained from CFD and calculations aid the optimization of the design. The keywords of this project would be, secondary condenser, air conditioner, tube arrangement and power consumption.