Development of Shift Patterns for Six-speed Automatic Transmission Vehicle

The rising index of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission from the road transport sector and growing level of stringent exhaust emission regulations have facilitated vehicle manufacturers and designers into developing alternatives for more efficient vehicles, where the vehicle transmission and gear-shifting pattern are some of the famous approaches used. The present article proposes a design method in developing the suitable gear ratio set and gear-shifting pattern for a six-speed automatic transmission (6 AT). A four-speed automatic transmission (4AT) model that representing Proton Saga 2019 is built on the MATLAB/Simulink platform for simulation and validation purpose. Then, the 6 AT model is developed based on the 4 AT model to assess the effectiveness of the developed gear ratio set and gear-shifting patterns. All models are simulated based on New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) to study the fuel consumption performance. The obtained simulation results indicate that the proposed design method is feasible and effective, in which the 6 AT model has a lower fuel consumption rate compared to 4 AT model. Besides, the obtained results prove that gear-shifting pattern has a significant impact on the vehicle fuel consumption and acceleration performance.