Dynamic Behaviour Of Water Transport and Power Output Optimization In A Tapered Channel Of A Miniature Parallel Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Design Using CFD Approach

The channel design on the proton exchange membrane fuel cell plays an important role on the current density output. The main factory affects the current density output of a PEM fuel cell is the water produced while generating electricity block the hydrogen gas flow thru the gas diffusion layer. High current density output PEM fuel cell could reduce the weight and probably reduce the construction cost of the PEM fuel cell. Tapered channel PEM fuel cell is a design technique could improve the current density and reduce the flooding in the PEM fuel cell channel. In this article parallel channel design PEM fuel cell model will be used to conduct the study on how tapered channel could improve the current density output and water distribution in the PEM fuel cell. Current density output and water distribution will be simulated in Computation Fluid Dynamic Software (ANSYS Fluent). The main contribution of this research is to simulate, study and optimized the PEM fuel cell.