Portable Hydraulic Lubricant Oil Filtration System

Vickrah Plastics Sdn Bhd is a plastic manufacturing company located in Puchong. This research is mainly about designing a portable hydraulic lubricant oil filtration system for Vickrah Plastics Sdn Bhd. Currently, the company is running for almost 24/7 hours of operation daily. Almost all the plastic manufacturing machines are in constant operation. The main issue is that the hydraulic lubricant oil from the blow injection machine is leaking on the floor of the machine. This is due to the constant operation of the machine causing the oil to leak. The company wants to manufacture a filtration system to filter the contaminated hydraulic oil. This is to increase the company’s profitability by filtering the oil rather than replacing it with a new oil. The company wants to ensure there are no losses or extra expenses from filtering the contaminated oil from the blow injection machine. The filtered hydraulic oil has a high percentage of purity in order to be safely reused. Furthermore, analyzing what kind of raw materials which gets mixed with the leaked hydraulic lubricant oil in order to design the most suitable type of filter for this system. Once the literature review is done, the purity of the leaked hydraulic lubricating oil will be analyzed and tested using the pH test, color test and viscosity test to determine the difference between leak hydraulic lubricating oil and the brand-new lubricating oil to determine its purity when it is contaminated. Once the leaked hydraulic lubricant oil contaminated substances are determined, the research for a suitable filtration system continues. From research, a suitable type of filtration system will be designed and analyzed using Solid Works and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) respectively. The velocity and porosity of the filter media will be analyzed. Once the data is collected and validated by the supervisor and also Vickrah Plastics, the thesis will be written and finalized. The design and all the analyzed data collected from CFD will be given to Vickrah Plastics in order for them to manufacture and utilize this system.