Soy waxy is designed with the intention of opening up a space in which people can have a close experience with the production and activities of soy related products in a creative and interactive environment. The site location marries between outdoor nature and modern lifestyles. Making it a suitable location to introduce a space that combines the natural essence of soy (vegetarian) products and the complex machinery used in the production line.

The space encloses a rustic industrial ambience with its black iron piping connections along with a soothing and natural aura from the earthy tones used in the interior, complimenting the creation of soy based products that carry aromatic fragrance. Earthy tones convey kindness and connection to nature and communicate positive impact on the planet.

Layout of the space consists of curves and circular designs inspired by the organic shape of soy beans. Soywaxy compromises major spaces and minor spaces, further divided into private, semi-private and public spaces. Closer to the entrance are public spaces, while semi-private and private spaces are further inside to ensure proper space flow hierarchy.

Furthermore, the abundance of sunlight received by the space makes it feasible to have a space with greenery incorporated in the design.

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