The mission and vision of STORYTELER is to guide the children and parents to thoroughly understand the true meaning of each fairy tale. Fairy tales are the best friend of the children but nowadays they are stereotyped, and the wrong meanings or values may have bad influences on the children. We encourage parents to lead their children via our activities, for example, The Pantomime, the mini theatre etc.

STORYTELLER layout consists of arches and multiple floors which connected by tunnel. The spaces are defined by various colour to create different ambience. We hope to encourage the children to be an explorer and explore freely in our spaces.

Upon entering, the visitor will see a large book which is an entrance to the fairy tale world. The different colour tones enliven the space with different mood, for example, the lobby in sky blue tone resembling the sky and sea, the library in green is to resemble the jungle and the Pantomime theatre in purple is to create a mysterious and dreamy space which can trigger the curiosity of the children. The craft and creative room in bright yellow make one feels like going back home.

Part of the layout are devoted for staffs who are our storytellers, they are all interconnected and hidden from the public in order to make the fairy tales come true without any traces so the children will believe that fairy tales do exist.

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