Master of Architecture

The Growing Tree – Future Shelter for Young

Human lifestyle and behavior constantly changing throughout the years. The definition of home has been evolved. To achieve a more personalize, affordable, efficient and environmental friendly shelter, this proposal seeks to reinterpret and redefine form of living. Inspired by a growing tree, adapting to the changes of environment, the house grows depending on the aims and needs of its inhabitants. “a large tree, before growing into tall and strong, began small and fragile. Starting as something small, even temporary, the house grows.”

Fostering The Sense of Belonging

Arising to the issue identified in the site, this shows the lack of housing quality found in PJ Old Town. As mentioned, three main scenarios were identified such as dilapidated, abandonment and vacated lot. It will create a barrier towards active social activities in the community especially among the elderly and young people. Hence, home conditions would require an upgrade to ensure that the town is in a healthy state. A research question arises where “How can a new scheme of housing design foster the participation of the community in PJ Old Town?” In order to address the research question, the thesis aims to create a modal community of PJ Old Town that forms a sense of belonging to the residents.

Take your time – “A slow space for Ipoh“

Take Your Time is prompted by Slow Tourism – a travel philosophy of The Slow Movement. Located in the heart of “tourist paradise” - Ipoh Old Town , it is a thesis reflecting on how technology and infrastructure has allowed “fast tourism” and extricating the experiential component from the journeys. The thesis focuses on the exploration of creating slow spaces using materiality, space and time and adopts a maze-like spatial planning which is a self -instrument of discovery, transformation and fulfillment.

Level Up, Linkage Infrastructure

Level Up is a thesis of exploration towards infrastructures in the city, with the idea of addressing the current status of infrastructures being boring, isolated, temporal and under-utilized. Instead of conventional footbridges and link bridges, the thesis visualizes a different approach towards pedestrian infrastructure in the city as an expandable framework that could be developed and upgraded over time based on the needs of community that could not only physically connect between places but also forms cultural connection between people.

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