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Fostering The Sense of Belonging

Arising to the issue identified in the site, this shows the lack of housing quality found in PJ Old Town. As mentioned, three main scenarios were identified such as dilapidated, abandonment and vacated lot. It will create a barrier towards active social activities in the community especially among the elderly and young people. Hence, home conditions would require an upgrade to ensure that the town is in a healthy state. A research question arises where “How can a new scheme of housing design foster the participation of the community in PJ Old Town?” In order to address the research question, the thesis aims to create a modal community of PJ Old Town that forms a sense of belonging to the residents.

My thesis aims to solve the current living scenario in PJ Old Town whereby elders are not able to sustain a good living quality, especially when they are alone without their family along with the scenario where teenagers tend to move out after a period of time when they are introduced to a new living lifestyle by fostering community participation in the neighbourhood. In order to give a perfect solution that comes with a saying of “give good housing “, I would propose the idea of the “sub – division land “concept where land would be divided to rent and sell. This would be one of the progressive ways to do something without involving monetary transactions. Likewise, my idea also includes all of the existing houses by creating a small footprint to keep the density high and create opportunity for the young working adult or young family to bring back the residence to the area. In addition, it reduces the cost of owning a property. At the same time, a democratic space and linkways would be created in the neighbourhood.

This scheme was inspired by the cluster arrangement of traditional village houses that has close connection with nature. Creating a green mount, open spaces, parks and plaza on the ground which houses the amenities for the public will create opportunity for engagement between residents and the public. The design ensures that every house has direct access to a green pocket shared by the neighbourhood, thus emphasizing social community life. In addition, I would be proposing individual units which consist of two variants, one is the conventional which creates more privacy for those needed and another variant will be co-living. This gives opportunity for the young people who can’t afford to buy to have an option of renting. Co-living is an option where you can carry out or just rent it out as a normal unit.

In Conclusion, it is vital to create the kind of community where the ecosystem of the community has to be complete. It is not about sticking to one idea but to combine everything together to solve the current living scene in PJ Old Town. As mentioned, elders are not able to sustain a good living quality, especially when they are alone without their kids, and teenagers tend to move out after some time by introducing a new living style. Therefore, I hope that through fostering community participation in a neighbourhood, it would lead to a neighbourhood with a sense of belonging and even build a strong ecosystem within the community.


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