Antibacterial property evaluation of nano colloidal silver

The present project focuses on synthesizing nano-silver colloid using anodization technique. The synthesized colloid exhibits antibacterial property, which can be used as disinfectant spray.

Silver is well known for its antibacterial property. However, there is a research gap whereby no specific method for the preparation of nano colloidal silver and the methods that are being used now do not have a high level of standard. These methods such as laser ablation, phase transfer and chemical reduction have the tendencies to develop impure particles, have harmful bi-products and a difficult preparation method. The objective of the present study is to investigate the effect of processing parameters in anodization method, on the particle size and antibacterial property of the nano-silver colloid. The preparation of the nano colloidal silver is done by performing electrochemistry as it is the most advantageous technique to produce these particles. The main expected outcome of this project is to successfully analyze the antibacterial property of nano colloidal silver and be able to replicate the process to produce the nano-silver colloid.

Video Presentation

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