Design and Development of an acoustic panel made of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites

The present project will focus on simulating the sound absorption performance of a micro perforated acoustic panel using MATLAB and determining how the alteration of its design parameters affect the peak sound absorption coefficient.

In current times, noise pollution is especially apparent in urban areas due to rapid development in transportation, industrialization, and urbanization. The worsening noise pollution is detrimental to human health and well-being as it can contribute to disorders and psychological disturbance. Thus, noise regulation is crucial and must be addressed with immediate effect. Micro-perforated panels (MPP) can be a potential solution to mitigate noise on a commercial scale. Researchers have addressed the mechanics behind the enhancement of acoustic absorption through micro-perforation and some suggestions have been made, such as the effect of structural variation on sound absorption performance. Hence, this research aims at optimizing the sound absorption performance of an MPP by determining the connection between thickness and perforation size with sound absorption coefficient. Three cases were considered: (i) varying perforation size, (ii) varying thickness, and (iii) varying perforation size and thickness simultaneously. Based on the Maa prediction model, the sound absorption performance for all three cases have been simulated through the MATLAB software. Results show that the increase in both thickness and perforation size together increases the peak value of sound absorption coefficient (SAC). It also shifts the peak towards the higher frequency region and narrows the bandwidth. The findings of this study indicate the potential of thick MPPs as commercial sound absorbers by adjusting the size of perforations. Thicker and sturdier MPPs with optimal acoustic resistance and reactance can act as reliable sound absorbers for sound insulation purposes.

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