Improved Device for Household Solid Plastic Waste Separation

The project aims to design a system to sort solid plastic waste into different types of plastic in order to promote recycling as well as to stem the current plastic waste pollution in the environment.

Waste management has become an alarming issue of late due to challenges of ever-increasing waste quantity and waste treatment or disposal methods such as landfill, incineration and composting. Being versatile and low cost, the ubiquitous usage of plastics has led to an overwhelmingly difficult challenge to manage plastic waste. The problem is exacerbated by China’s policy to impose a restriction of the allowable contamination level of plastic waste – a decision of which had led to shipping of plastic waste to many developing countries including Malaysia. This primary objective of this project is to enhance the current prototype device to distinguish between two major types of solid plastic waste. In addition, the effect of the solid plastic waste’s thickness and colour will be investigated to determine the limitations and possible solutions to improve the performance of the device.

Presentation Video

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