Recycling Polymer Blend made from Post-Used Styrofoam for Fuse Deposition Modelling

The present project focus on Finite Element Analysis Study on Lattice Structure Fabricated using Recycled Polystyrene from Post-used Styrofoam Waste.

Additive manufacturing lattice structure design and analysis are well known for enhancing the mechanical properties of 3D print components. From literatures, there were numerous types of lattice structure have been studied, but most of the studies were focused on 3D printed metal component. On the other hand, the lattice structure’s study related to 3D printed component using fuse deposition machine (FDM) is uncommon. Materials used for this research for analysing the lattice structure is recycled polystyrene and there is no study found on additive manufacturing with polystyrene in any open-source literature. In this paper, the lattice structure will be fabricated using recycled polystyrene made from post-used Styrofoam waste and determine the mechanical behaviour under triangular and squared lattice structure influenced. This study will analyse the mechanical performance of selected type of unit cells of lattice structure, such as triangular prism and square prism and lattice structure with difference sizes. The study will focus on simulating the mechanical behaviour including stiffness to-mass ratio, maximum von Misses stress and effective Young’s modulus of the specimen 3D printed recycled polystyrene with relative density of 20%, 30% and 40% using numerical mathematical modelling and finite element analysis methods. Finite element analysis results showed an agreement with analytical solutions. Triangular lattice structure showed lowest value of maximum von Misses stress with maximum stiffness-to-mass value compare to square prism. The results in this work provide an early prediction of mechanical properties of recycled polystyrene before experimental and contribute to the body knowledge and improvement methods on recycled polystyrene lattice structure from post-used Styrofoam waste.

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