Reinventing Aerosol Containment Unit for Use in Medical Operating Theatre

The project analyses the effectiveness of the aerosol intubation box that is available in the market in aspects of containing aerosol spread and suggest design improvements to increase its overall effectiveness. The analyses are computational fluid dynamics and three-dimensional modelling software. The software used are ANSYS R2 and SOLIDWORKS.

The aerosol intubation box is medical tool invented to help protect healthcare workers from airborne aerosols while performing procedures such as intubation that are close to the mouth of the patient. The current design of the aerosol containment box is used heavily during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the virus being present in airborne aerosol particles from a patient’s breath. The current design has been reported to be flawed in its design aspects. The research conducted analyzed how effective the current design in containing the spread of aerosols from the patient. To execute the research, the current design is modelled in a 3D render using SOLIDWORKS 2020. The 3D model is imported into ANSYS R2 to conduct an airflow analysis when a patient cough or breathes to analyses the spread of the aerosols from the patient. The patient coughing was simulated using a nozzle with the boundary space of the model based on the size of the intubation box. The key outcome of the project that the present design is not verry effective in containing aerosol spread as there is still airflow of the particles leaving the intubation box into the environment. The improved design of the intubation box prevents flow of the aerosols into the environment by using suction and seals to close of outlets. The data gained from the study of the aerosol spread proves that there is a higher pressure concentration of the aerosols particles on the walls of the outlets in the existing design in the market as compared to the improved design suggested. This data can help better justify the dimensions and criteria needed to further enhance the current design of the aerosol containment box.

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