Study of the formation mechanism of nano-copper colloids using electrochemical technique

The present project focuses on synthesizing nano colloidal copper using anodization technique. The synthesized nano colloidal copper has a potential to be used in antibacterial application.

The objective of the present study was to investigate the effect of applied voltage and anodizing time on the particle size of nano colloidal copper prepared via anodization technique. In addition, the correlation between particle size and conductivity of the nano colloidal copper was studied. The particle size and conductivity of samples were analyzed using zeta sizer and pure water tester, respectively. The results showed that the particle size increased with increasing voltage and anodizing time. Furthermore, it was found that the conductivity is dependent on the particle size of the nano colloidal copper. The result showed that the higher the electrical conductivity result in the increase of the copper nanoparticle size.

Presentation Video

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