“ Socially Innovative Solutions in Pandemic times for Community Resilience”​


Dk Aiman Izzati Pg Zulhazmi
Chia Hui Zhin
Joslyn Chuah Emay
Yeo Jia Min
Mah Chian Huey
Arswendea Jean Fatrin
Mu Yitong

About the Project

The overall summary is that we designed a product known as Antiviral Elevator which is also called A.V.E. it is an elevator which has several features involved. Firstly, an app which is able to monitor the number of people inside the elevator and also people waiting for the elevator is provided by the management and all residents are required to download. The second feature is the vacuuming system, it is to suck in the air out of the elevator. The third feature is the air meter reader, which is located at the management. It is to measure the humidity and to monitor the air condition inside the elevator. When the air inside the elevator is in a bad condition, the air meter reader will notify the system and the vacuuming system will be switched on. The next feature is the antiviral coating which coats the surfaces of the elevator. It is to prevent the virus to spread further. The next feature is metal grates which is located at the ceiling, enabling the easier flow of hot air out of the elevator. The buttons inside and outside of the elevators are motion sensor because it is to prevent the virus to spread by touching. Lastly, is a sensor which detects the

Our objective for this project is to mainly reduce the challenges faced by residents during pandemic around the common areas in an apartment and to find a better solution to solve this issue. This project addresses on SDG 3, Good Health and Well Being and SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities.

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