360 Cafe


Boexel F.A Fauyenra
Axtria Leoni Eunike Septembri
Asuka Amemiya
Handoko Gani
Jevia Belgiany
Low Yen Sheng
Valencia Lukito

About the Project

“360 Cafe” is a cafe on Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus that provides food and drinks. Then, what makes it different? Here we provide foods and drinks from the healthy food brands where they maintain their foods and drinks quality under certified nutritionist and professional chef supervision. Next, we have delivery services that cooperate with food delivery services such as Grab and Food Panda to reach more campus students and staff, so they do not need to go to our store and just wait for their food. Next, we also have a stand-by health consultant and nutritionist. We also have several programs like gifts or incentives programs, workout together programs, and get-together programs. We also operate both online and offline, so there will be no reasons for students to not come to us due to distance or pandemic. Our “360 Cafe” is literally an all in one to help obesity people.

According to a United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) survey, 12.7 percent of Malaysian children aged five to 19 years old are obese, the second highest in Southeast Asia behind Brunei. Because we are having an opportunity to push obesity down, especially for teenagers, we are taking this opportunity to push the rate of obesity in the future.
In this project we will educate everyone using social media and healthy food especially the teenagers in university or college who are facing obesity. By making these innovations, we hope everyone can get healthier.

Our group's main objective for this project is to educate people, especially teenagers in university who are having a bad eating lifestyle and also don’t take care of their own health. Reason for this is because we see that high obesity cases are high especially in Malaysia, and it’s brought a bad effect to health.
In this project, We aim to create a social media account and sell healthy foods. We choose using social media because it is easy to access by everyone and anyone especially the university students whose live are only filled with studying, because they are fluence in using the social media, and are active in coming to university, we also provide the diet catering for them because sometimes they don’t know what to cook to have a healthy diet, they don’t have any time to cook because of their busy life doing assignments, and many other reasons. By doing this we hope that we can cut the percentage of obesity in Malaysian teenagers (especially university students) in the future.

Since we are working in reducing obesity, the UN SDG we are adressed for is the Good Health. We are working with 2 delivery organisations which are the Grabfood and Food Panda. Therefore, we believe that it will increase the demand for food delivery that will lead to the increase in job opportunities in the delivery services field.

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