Alpha Marine (Gamification)


Aminath Alaniya Fathy
Gan Qi Lun
Chang Xin Ting
Chai Mengyuan
Eddie Rusydi Radzman
See wen jie
Angeline Wan Joey
Ng Kai
Tam Kaizhong

About the Project

In this project, we created a role-playing game that focuses on sea pollution and life below water, in an attempt to raise awareness and build small habits in the public so that everyone can contribute to the problem in their own way. The game focuses on the perspective of marine animals towards sea pollution and players will be able to get rewards from in-game or real life actions that can be exchanged into coupons or vouchers so that they can use it in real life.

Alpha marine is an online role playing game that strives to increase the awareness of the public on sea pollution, and reward players for their initiatives on real life actions. Younger players get to increase their awareness on sea pollution and build a habit from a very young age, while older players can relax and contribute to the environment using their limited free time. We hope that by this game, more people would be able to pay attention to how sea pollution comes about and how it will affect the human race as a whole, and hopefully start building small habits that would preserve the environment for the future generations.

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