Lo Yen Xuan,
Chan Wen Lin
Seiya Kato
Sean Koh Zhi Heng
Tan Sher Lee
Zhang Lejia
Deborah Kwek Si En
Russell Yi

About the Project

Anxiety is described as the body's natural reaction to events that make a person feel concerned, scared, or anxious. We want to establish a variety of programmes to help reduce the rising prevalence of anxiety disorders among teenagers. Therefore, we came up with the idea ANXIETEA. 'ANXIETEA' is a web-based therapy centre for those who are dealing with anxiety disorders in their daily lives. It aims to create a community filled with love to give attention and help to the people suffering from anxiety disorders. Our website, ANXIETEA, is made up of three different ideas: online treatment, counselling, and, finally, creating solid relationships with patients. Our ‘ANXIETEA' community will participate in online-based treatment with our patients in order to assist them in recovering from anxiety disorders. We believe that by using our ‘ANXIETEA' website, our community can assist those who are suffering from anxiety disorders and make their lives simpler.

Our main objective is to create a community for the people suffering from anxiety disorders and help them out as much as possible by providing weekly activities and counseling sessions to facilitate their recovery process. We believe by establishing a community for them, each individual suffering from anxiety disorders will get together and realize that they are not alone, and they have friends that are going through the same issues as them, and hence make our psychotherapy treatment more effective.

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